Fortyfive Ways

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VARIOUS ARTISTS | Fortyfive Ways ( Smallville Records ) -EP

Fortyfive Ways


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Smallville Records celebrate their 10th anniversary with the 3rd and 4th part of the – Ways’ Series. It started in 2011 with Twentyfour Ways (Smallville 24)- one 12′, four tracks, four artists and with timeless music only. It continued in 2013 with Smallville 35 (Thirtyfive Ways)- same concept, but different artists. And now it’s finally time for Smallville 44 and 45 (Fortyfour and Fortyfive Ways)- wonderful new tracks of Smallville’s favourite producers and family members. STL contributes with one of his dubs and it could have lasted forever. Our friend Tilman Tausendfreund, who works at the Smallville Recordstore regularly since years and who already collaborated with Chistopher Rau on – Asper Clouds‘ (Smallville LP/ CD 03) finally steps out on his own with one of his lovely lofi-sweet-house-anthems. Christopher himself is also taking part and of course Lawrence, who co-founded Smallville back in the days.


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