IMF10 Part 2

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VARIOUS ARTISTS | IMF10 Part 2 (Index Marcel Fengler) – EP

IMF10 Part 2


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Product Description

Part 2 focuses on the warmer and more soulful side of IMF and features an outstanding array of artists making their debut for the label, all of which have a strong personal meaning to Fengler.

There’s FJAAK, the exciting Berlin trio he admires for their authentic identity and honest sound, a special Shed remix of the enigmatic VRIL whose timeless productions continue to strike a chord with him, good friend Eric Cloutier who he has long wanted to get involved in IMF and of course long-time label champion Thomas Hessler. Vienna’s Arthur Robert – a new face Marcel discovered after he sent him tracks – contributes a beautiful shimmering work to the compilation.

Highlighting this section of the project is the first AZUR track – Marcel‘s new side project. He explains: “I’ve always liked to be diverse with my music, but I also don’t want to confuse people. This is the reason why I decided to give my melodic side its own identity. My music under the Marcel Fengler name will go back to its roots and be more raw and rough in production terms.