Submerged World

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VARIOUS ARTISTS | Submerged World (Substrato) – EP

Submerged World


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Product Description

Substrato continues its path through the research of sounds from the hidden worlds. The label returns with the first various artist called Submerged World. This release is marked out by the juxtaposition of artists coming from different areas lead together by the exploration of sharpened sounds, contributing to this timeless installment.

The A side brings together two Italian artists: Neel and The first with his Fumana track showcases his high-level proficiency in sound design, hypnotizing us with a surgical production of dark and mindblowing sounds. The long-term friend duo participates with a psychedelic journey distinguished by the simple beauty of their crafted music with A spiral Ladder.

On the B side of this release join forces two of the most talented Scandinavian artists: Acronym and Evigt Morker. Permafrost Melt is a endless progression of dreamy and tripping waves leaning on a solid groove. Dodligt Sar soaks your ears with its submerged sounds settings, moving constantly thanks to an accurate groove structure