V 3​.​0​-​3​.​9

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WAVEFORM TRANSMISSION | V 3​.​0​-​3​.​9 (Astral Industries) – 2xLP

V 3​.​0​-​3​.​9


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Product Description

Astral Industries dilate their portal to reveal another gorgeous ambient vision from Rod Modell & Chris Troy’s long running Waveform Transmission project.

Extant since their 1996 CD, Waveform Transmission returned with a 2LP in 2017, and now allow further inspection of their alien ambient terraforming with the project’s immersive 3rd release.

For 70 minutes the duo synch minds as spirit guides for the lushest trip thru alien underwater zones, feeling out unfathomable gamelan reverberations and diaphanous synth pads with a real synasethetic colour-sound appeal for those susceptible to such sensations.

It’s patently some of Modell’s lushest, purest ambient work, with the romantic leanings of Chris Troy pulling the sound away from the dubbier obsessions of DeepChord