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WIL BOLTON – Bokeh – ( Home Normal)



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“The Japanese word ‘bokeh’ (say BOH-kay) refers to the way a camera lens renders the part of a photograph that is out of focus. Bolton was especially interested in parallels between the aural and the visual and between photography and sound. The abstract concept is perhaps best explained in Bolton’s own video here. Oh, yeah – Wil Bolton does photography and video work, too.
Throughout the album, synths weave between one another like wisps of fog, and it is this ever-changing patina that Bolton is so good at. He is using loops, but none of them are timed the same, ensuring unique combinations throughout. While this seems like a simple device, the attention to detail feels molecular.
The album feels like a memory yearning to be experienced fresh, but it is always out of reach. Wil Bolton’s work is truly wonderful and Bokeh is an apt theme, playing with the idea that modeling our perception can never match how people truly experience the world. The camera lens produces visual “abberations” when elements run out of focus, but many photographic effects caught in the periphery strike us as sublime. Fire up the sensory deprivation chamber and put this one on to experience high quality ambient memories from a life you have never lived.”  –  nayt2012 | A Closer Listen   –


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