Sacrée Obsession

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WILL GUTHRIE | Sacrée Obsession (iDEAL Recordings) – LP

Sacrée Obsession


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Sacrée Obsession‘ is a chiming charm of gongs, orchestral bass drum and percussion coaxed into resonant figures by French-based Australian percussionist Will Guthrie. It’s his first release for Sweden’s iDEAL Recordings, following a wending line of solo records, tapes and CDs for the likes of Erstwhile Records and Monofonus Press since 2003.Over two sides we’re bathed and rolled in the plangent shimmer and keen of Guthrie‘s ritualistic practice, exhibiting a supremely attuned relationship with space and texture that’s best compared with the Loop Currents of Mike Weis or Michael Ranta‘s editative aids.

The first side is focussed on slow, pensive development of sizzling hi-hats and the soft metallic peal of gongs underpinned by lone, booming bass drums, leading to circular scrapes that swirl his huge soundsphere.It feels like preparation for side two’s more determined trajectory, first establishing its vast parameters with radiant harmonics before yielding a phasing flood of palpitating drums with a roiling, minimalist fluidity and timescale.Music for total immersion.