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WILL LONG & DJ SPRINKLES | Mint / Clay (Comatonse Recordings) – LP
WILL LONG & DJ SPRINKLES | Mint / Clay (Comatonse Recordings) - LP

Mint / Clay


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We’re still dazed from the 1st volume but Will Long and DJ Sprinkles have already cued up their 2nd session, with Mint / Clay landing on Terre Thaemlitz’ Comatonse.
The format and aesthetic remains the same as Vol.1, namely two raw pieces by Will Long, backed with overdubs by Sprinkles, amounting to thee deepest house this side of Larry Heard‘s nuclear love bunker, all subtly executed and held up as a comparison to the aesthetics and intentions (or, ironically, the excess and lack of) of that sound in relief of current, conceptually-detached takes on the original, queer NYC deep house sound which Sprinkles was instrumental in shaping as a downtown DJ during that formative era. Again, Will Long, who’s best known for his experimental ambient work as Celer, proves that it ain’t what you’ve got but what you know and can do with it that matters.

Under-Currents” places sparing samples of T.R.M. Howard – a mentor of Jesse Jackson and founder of Mississippi’s Regional Council of Negro Leadership – amidst a dream sequence of carbonated hi-hats and lingering chords urged by a plump bass drum, whilst “Get In & Stay” In nods to civil right activist and current Georgia congressional representative John Lewis in a lush haze of crepuscular chromatics and loping swing.
DJ Sprinkles goes on to contribute another pair of incredible overdubs, lending Long’s minimal elements a richer, fleshlier feel, whether with additional breakbeats, or nimbly lowering the bass and layering up spirited flutes and Rhodes.

Quite crucially, the concept never gets in the way of the music, perfectly demonstrating the symbiotic nature of the music and politics in the way we imagine they intended, especially for the DJs, dancers and promoters who act as gatekeepers for this music.