Why Are You EP

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YAPORIGAMI | Why are you EP (Aiia Recordings)

Why Are You EP


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Four titles in four rounds, turn to clear, turn to dark, with thuds, rich without being fat, punchy, liquid, deep and breathless, which could have been played 20 years ago in Bristol or the Tresor at 8 in the morning.

Upon first listen, the conductive vital pulsation of the EP evokes the heart of a Japanese sword from its conception until its final battle.

Fable of Contents: A1- Who Are You -The Forge. Bathed birth by vapours, paced by the blower and the hammer. A2- Where Are You -The Apnoea. Setbacks, dissonances, power revealed in the midst of chaos.

B1- When Are You -Hunt. Anxiety and chase down the drains. B2- Which Are You -The Assault. Tribal. Drums, the sword is in the hand of an army in the starting blocks. Meditation, calm, total attack. It is a painting on frequencies that gives us this new volume of the Japanese craftsman Yaporigami, scour your ears before to see it.