Blood Debts

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YEARS OF DENIAL | Blood Debts (Death & Leisure) – LP
BLOOD DEBTS | Years Of Denial (Death & Leisure) - LP

Blood Debts


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Blood Debts‘ is the compulsive debut album from Years Of Denial, the alter-face of London-based French musician/producer and DJ, Jerome Tcherneyan.

Though his formulative Marseille youth was spent exploring the darkest corners of post-punk, New Wave, not to mention Public Enemy and the inspirational Mille Plateaux and Basic Channel labels, Tcherneyan, already an extremely capable drummer, quickly extended his sonic palate toward and beyond the bass-heavy electronic isolationism, insistent beats and drone experimentation that’s still very much prevalent in his work today.

There’s a black neon heart at the centre of Blood Debts a fetishtic ritual of contorted flesh and altered states; a feverish, infectious paradox of primitivism and modernity.

Years of Denial is the ghost in the machine.