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ZEMI17 | Impressions (The Bunker New York) – Vinyl



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The composer and sculptor Aaron Taylor Kuffner is well known for co-creating the Gamelatron project in 2008, the world’s first fully robotic gamelan orchestra. His one-of-a-kind creation has been shown in major venues and festivals worldwide, ranging from the Smithsonian to Fuji Rock, and at galleries and festivals across Asia, Europe, Russia and North America.

In 1997, Kuffner created another musical project, Zemi17. Zemi means cicada in Japanese and the 17 references the 17-year lifecycle of the periodical cicadas found in the northeast of the United States. The success of the Gamelatron Project put Zemi17 on indefinite hiatus until The Bunker dug out one of Kuffer’s last surround sound live sets from Unsound New York in 2012 and asked him for a 12” of that material.

The Bunker is proud to release “Impressions” and “Rangda,” two long and seductive tracks made entirely of sounds of insects, birds, motors and urban noises spliced together with treated samples of gongs and metallophones to create lush techno compositions. It is hard to tell if this release is going to be a new beginning for Zemi17 or an homage to a wildly interesting music character who has been a part of The Bunker community from its early days at subTonic. Either way, these tracks are as beautiful as they are original.


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