Cacique De Poyais

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GUNNAR HASLAM | Cacique De Poyais (Delsin Records) – EP

Cacique De Poyais


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Gunnar Haslam returns to Delsin with Cacique De Poyais – a three track EP featuring an thirteen minute adventurous and involving slow jam plus two of his trade mark club focussed jams in brilliantly inventive beat patterns. Over the course of 2018 the New York producer launched his own Kavalanic Languages imprint with a series of five EPs. His comeback on Delsin is influenced by and structured around “an European con man selling guano-rich land in a fake nation in the Caribbean.”

Opener Cacique de Poyais is thirteen intriguing minutes of rumbling low key grooves. It’s dark and shadowy, full of menace and the sort of elongated bit of deep techno hypnosis to take you in on yourself. On the b-side Port Sommeil brings spangled synths and more wonky drums all bringing a perfectly loose sense of rugged and abstract rhythm. Closer Azote Du Guano, the most intense of the lot, is more direct, with pinging kicks and bleeping synths overlaid with industrial sounds that tumble and fall about the mix to make for something excellently off balance. These tracks are all sure to make a real mark in the club. Photography on the sleeve comes from Maya Rossignac-Milon, shot on 35mm film.