Ultimae records


Ultimae has been booking shows since 2000 and placed its roster in events all around the world offering a wide range of electronic music, from atmospheric electronica, downtempo, psychill to hands up in the air party grooves.

We are authorised representatives for the following artists:
Live acts : AES Dana, H.U.V.A. Network, Martin NonstaticCell, Hybrid Leisureland, Max Million, Miktek, Connnect.OhmI Awake, Circular
Djs : Focal, AES Dana, Mahiane, Nova, Mizoo, BlueOrb, Opale, Solomoon

Please email for any request.
We will get back to you to confirm the offer and complete the booking agreement.
We respect your privacy and the information you provide will only be used in relation to your business with us.


An Ultimae Night is a subtle and fanciful blend of music, cinema, dance and gastronomy.
It can be tailored to your specific wishes and budget.
If you desire to organise such an event, please contact Sandrine Gryson | 0033 (0)6 09 74 82 40