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In 1984, Alex Scheffer (known as CELL) ventured into the world of music and machines. At the age of 10, he received his first machine from his parents, who were a pianist and a drummer. While studying at the Conservatoire, he began exploring the realms of LFOs and filters. Keyboards, particularly the piano, became his favorite instruments. At the age of 13, he immersed himself in the world of Jazz when he joined the Jazz section at the Conservatoire of Chambéry (73). During this time, his passion for machines and electronic music grew, leading him to discover artists such as Pink Floyd, John Cage and Peter Gabriel.

Recognizing the importance of blending various styles, Alex decided to delve into the fusion of Pop and Electronic music at the age of 16. He became a keyboard player and arranger for several bands, specializing in infusing electronic sounds into Pop-Rock atmospheres.

After completing his studies in Acoustic Engineering, Alex took a definitive turn towards electronic music. Collaborating with different directors, he engaged in diverse projects, including creating original soundtracks for advertisements and short films.

Through these ventures in musical scoring, he developed a distinctive style characterized by an inherently Ambient nature, featuring complex yet minimalist and elemental compositions. Alex Scheffer has made a lasting impact with his downtempo soundscapes, adorned with delicate and heady melodies. Over the years, his compositions have transcended genre boundaries, showcasing an immeasurable talent. Following the release of his latest album, “Onwards System,” he has been simultaneously working on two new albums—one more upbeat in nature and another in line with his previous works.


Hanging Masses
Live at Kumharas
Connect.Ohm – 9980” (in collaboration with artist Hidetoshi Koizumi)
Live in Corfu
Onwards System
Plus, he has contributed over 50 tracks to various compilations.

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