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Audio Mastering

Ultimae Studios are specialized in Ambient, Downtempo, Cinematic Music, Techno, Experimental, Industrial and a wide spectrum of Electronic Music Mastering for over two decades. Slowly but surely, our connections opened opportunities to work on other music genres including and not limited Progressive Rock, Classical Music, Pop-Folk, etc… We offer our ears, hearts and our 21 years of experience to finalize your precious audio data, either on CD or other digital support. We work in a redesigned & acoustically calibrated environment (Vicoustic & Primacoustic Acoustic Solutions) giving us an optimal ability to master your music with precision & depth.

Please feel free to get in touch with us for any information or a further detailed quote.
Simply send us an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
We will answer in the better delays & will try to find the best schedule of delivery for you.

We provide the following Mastering Services :

Audio mastering (stereo files)
For the majority of music projects, stereo audio mastering offers great results. We will carefully manipulate your audio files to enhance their qualities and efface any faults. The goal of our audio mastering sessions is to enlarge the audio spectrum and emotivity of your songs.
We work with M/S technology which provides the ability to separate stereo and mono signals. Be insured that we do not use automatic settings: each song is different by definition and requires specific attention.

Remastering services
Unhappy with the work of another studio or simply want to give your back catalogue a brand new aura with a modern treatment?
Let’s discuss it…

Stem Mastering (multi channels / stems)
In some cases, it may be more comfortable to divide your song in various stems (or groups of elements) to allow for more control during the audio mastering session and correction of specific problems in the mix, go deeper into some frequencies, remove imperfections.
Please, refer to the Audio Mastering Notice Section to properly prepare your Stem Mastering files.

Mixing & Mastering bundle
Stuck in your mix? Our experience and audio tools can unlock many aspects of this fine work, we offer full mix and mastering of your song up to 20 channels. For wider projects, please contact us.

Audio Restoration & Optimisation
We have a big experience in declicking, decrackling, dialogue restoration, background denoise of a recording session, bringing back to life old medias which suffered with the passing of time. We have top notch analysis, serious knowledge in audio editing and patience.
Simply contact us and provide an audio sample to check what we can do with audio surgery.

• DDP Image / Conception of your audio master copy
We provide Disk Sequencing, Track Spacing & Fading, inclusion of CD Text & ISRC, indexation of continuous mix albums.
We can provide directly to your manufacture DDP files.

Sound Design & Scoring
Ultimae Studio & Partners provide various services and solutions related to Sound Design.
Please check the dedicated page for the list of services and references

• Corrections free of charge
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