Ultimae records


Before submitting your audio data for the audio mastering session with us, please read and follow these 8 essential points in order to ease our collaboration.

1. Good to know
Please remove all plugins inserted on the master bus. (no compressor, limiter, expander and spreader).
If you don’t, mastering will be 90% impossible or damaged.

2. Question of peaks
Check the peaks of your track (via an audio editor or simply by looking at your master bus level).  You should leave -3db to -6db of headroom for all your songs. Less is better.

3. Accepted & non accepted formats
We prefer to receive .WAV or AIFF 24-bit / 44.1 KHz files (or higher resolution / sample rate). We do not master MP3.

4. Tracks information
For an LP or EP, you can prepare a document with the tracks info, with your personal notes & wishes (“on the track I want a big Kick, less presence, calm something, etc…”). Also, please inform us about complete track titles, composers, ISRC codes to publish in the CD text. Take care of all these details.

5. The Reference Tracks

Please send us one or two Reference Tracks (from another band) you think sounds “perfect”. It will help to understand what you expect in terms of audio spectrum and loudness. Please take your time and choose well these references tracks. They will be the “guides” for our session.

6. How to submit your files
Once we agree on terms, quote, payment method & deadline, you can use our Wetransfer channel and send your files to (

7. Prepare your Stem Mastering Session
Stem mastering requests grouping your channels into individual stems. We accept up to 7 stems per song. The common rule is to group similar instruments together.
Exemple number 1 (standard song)
Stem 01: bassline / Stem 02: Kick / Stem 03: percussions / Stem 04: pads / Stem 05: leads / Stem 06: voice / Stem 07: fx

But if you song use other structures, feel free to separate your own way. The most important is to give the best options to work together:
Exemple Number 2 (beatless ambient music)
Stem 01 : Low pads / Stem 02 : bassline impulses / Stem 03 : FX & textures / Stem 04 : melody One / Stem 05 : sub-melody

8. Life is beautiful
Because we are cool, we agree to master a “Test Track” just to be sure we meet your expectations. Because we are super mega cool, we can rework, make adjustments without extra-charges until it sounds “perfect” for your ears (but please, no unlimited mode…).