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STEVEN TANG | Disconnect To Connect (Smallville Records)

Disconnect To Connect


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Disconnect To Connect is a classic tryst of Chicago jack with Detroit soul, but in no way is it just an exercise in nostalgia: there’s too much personality in there for that. Much like everything to which he’s put his name since debuting in 1998, Tang‘s vulcanised baselines whip and snap; his synths blurt and bleep with a deep space energy of their own and the percussion is always frantically busy. Listen closely and things are programmed frantically but freely; elements are layered on top of each other at different depths but are then carefully frayed in a fine mist to soften the impact. Each track very much takes you to a different part of the same world so that before long you forget that you’re listening to house music at all.

Kristan Caryl | Resident Advisor


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