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PETER BRODERICK | Grunewald (Erased Tapes) – CD/EP



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The remarkably prolific Peter Broderick continues an almost manic release schedule with this short EP, recorded in one day in Grunewald, Berlin. For some tastes, Broderick plays it best when he keeps arrangements simple, so for those turned off by the ‘busy-ness’ of recent albums, this sounds like a breath of fresh air.

It opens with simple piano piece Goodnight, baked by a tranquil, wordless vocal. The following track, Low Light is another piano piece with an even finer melody and arrangement. Violin Solo No. 1 is just that, a fine violin piece, worthy of any contemporary soloist. It’s A Shame When I Sleep might be the one slightly off note, it’s a seven minute piece of clattering piano, and, while impressive, jars a little with the more fragile, emotional material here, coming across more like an exercise in piano pyrotechnics. Serenity returns with final track Eyes Closed and Travelling, a graceful piano piece which closes off the EP nicely.

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