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H.U.V.A NETWORK | Ephemeris – Download 16bit (Ultimae Records)



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Product Description

A few travels Sweden to France and vice-versa; constant bandwidth; and duo H.U.V.A. Network composed an album of immersive tunes infused with oneiric trip-hop, ambient geometries and morning trance.

Ephemeris is a deep sonic ground swell, an album of contrasts, 10 tracks structured upon subterranean bass lines, transversal and luminous pads, crisp, crunchy beats. A mesmerizing ensemble of fresh atmospheres and intense, forward driving melodies. The inspiration for the album title comes from the artists Vincent Villuis and Magnus Birgersson‘s collaboration process, determined by the patterns of encounter in time and space, the alignment of creative moods and coordination of life’s innate forces.

Written & produced by Magnus Birgersson and Vincent Villuis.
Mastered by Huby Sea and Vincent Villuis | GingerHill Studio.
Artwork by Vincent Villuis and Magnus Birgersson.