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STL | Nonzero Sonics Remixes (Dark Matters) – EP

Nonzero Sonics Remixes


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“When I get a request to do a remix, I take that as an invitation… an invitation to express. The sounds from the original composition become doors / gates… stepping stones for me to travel into this very moment and investigate how it is always changing (that changing being me).

I start working with the sounds… looping, playing, shaping… like a ceramist working with the clay, a painter working with the brush and paint, or the baker working with the dough. This process becomes a mantra; a meditation, and my studio becomes filled with sounds and rhythms… echoes from the original song, filtered by this very moment, temporary passing through ”someone” being called Sebastian Mullaert or Wa Wu We. Expression taking place and there are ”NO MORE WORDS”. Music becomes being, just Being.

STL is one of my absolute favorite artists, this specific invitation felt very special to me and the journey around the creation of the remix has been very deep. Now I invite you to take part of it, let your consciousness express this very moment through the experience of the music. Again, being is just Being. Much love.”

Sebastian Mullaert & Wa Wu We