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Christian Borgmann aka Samsara, is a Danish based DJ, born in 1988.‬

‪His journey into electronic music began back in 2003. Three years later, he came across electronic ambient, when he discovered the album “World Of Sleepers” by Carbon Based Lifeforms.‬

‪After years of listening and with pure passion for the music, he started his career as an ambient DJ and since then, he has performed at various parties and festivals across the world, such as Freqs Of Nature Festival (Germany), Tangra Festival (Bulgaria), Hadra Festival (France), Mo:Dem Festival (Croatia) and Voltron Festival (Turkey).‬

Samsara‘s versatile tastes lead him to play many styles from Ambient, Modern Classical, IDM, Downtempo to Deep & Dub Techno. He finds inspirations for his sets within his own personal experiences, emotional state of mind and it can often be described as deep and cinematic, with a touch of melancholy.‬

‪He joins Ultimae Records in 2015.