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AES DANA | Aftermath 2.0 – Download 16/24bit (Ultimae Records)

Aftermath 2​.​0 | Archives of peace


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Product Description

Vincent Villuis remastered the album and added Aftermath # 08 originally released on Nova’s compilation Albedo. This new version, titled Aftermath 2.0, digitally released mid-April 2013 in lossless format on Ultimae’s store, offers a collection of HD wallpapers presenting the artwork of Paul Takahashi.

These Aftermaths which one experiences closely of from afar, at times personal others mediatized, these dark grey or luminous climatic moments.
Telescoping of natural and urban zones; rhythmics verging on industrial or diving into liquid air; deep bass lines shaking ecstatic drifts – Aftermath aims to be a series of sound photographies of our “beautiful” world in complete rotation. Peace, it seems, becomes precarious, some are trying to archive the concept.
This project from Aes Dana is composed as an eight movements spacey and downtempo tale.

Composed in 2003 by Vincent Villuis with the participation of Mahiane (Aftermath # 05), Pascale Auffret (Aftermath # 02) & Huby Sea (Aftermath # 06).
Recorded at the Ultimae Studio & Green Station.
Remastered in 2013 by Vincent Villuis | Ultimae Studio.