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AES DANA feat. MIKTEK | Far & Off (Ultimae) – CD/Digital
AES DANA feat. MIKTEK | Far & Off (Ultimae) - CD/DigitalAES DANA feat. MIKTEK | Far & Off (Ultimae) - CD/DigitalAES DANA feat. MIKTEK | Far & Off (Ultimae) - CD/DigitalAES DANA feat. MIKTEK | Far & Off (Ultimae) - CD/Digital

Far & Off


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Product Description

The ‘Far & Off’ CD gathers the songs from the 3 vinyls EP + digital releases :
Cut. | Alkaline | The Unexpected Hours

The composition of this Far & Off album began after on long period of detachment and isolation.
This modern life we lead tends to saturate many of us with information, constant stimuli of all kinds and shatter time, as if we lived in small sequences. Some of us content themselves with that, some manage to regulate or tighten the flow, others collapse or pretend not to.
I guess I’m not the only one to ever feel the need to fly away, remove myself from the ongoing swirl and purely vanish.

It wasn’t a matter of waking up with a sudden urge, it built up, slowly, between the lines, it wasn’t caused by any philosophical, spiritual or religious belief either. It simply became a natural answer to the surrounding frenzy.
To be on my own, far, in another context, without technology, an act of protection. Taste real solitude, a state in which no one else exists; cross the line, change rhythm and feel the passing of time.

This is what I am sharing with you now, with keys and sounds, pads and patterns, glitches and drums. My desire was to compose contrasted tales, to bring light on the paradox, from one extreme to the other, harshness to tranquility.
Mihalis, as he encountered a similar situation was keen on putting those emotions into music and the perfect partner as it turned out.

Vincent Villuis | February 2016

Written & Produced by Vincent Villuis & Mihalis Aikaterinis
Mastered by Vincent Villuis | Ultimae Studio
Artwork by Vincent Villuis & Arnaud Galoppe