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CELER | Shima (Gailur Records) – LP
CELER | Shima (Gailur Records) - LP



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Celer is the alias of Will Long, an american musician settled in Tokyo. Under this pseudonym he has released lots of albumsfor over 10 years, mostly self-edited or pu-blished by his own Two Arcons label, being one of the most prolific musicians of the ambient/drone scene.

Fan of the analogic sound, his music levitates between overlaped melancholic layers of delays, tapes, reverbs,… creating a sonic monotony in constant movement.

Shima was created along with Jima (I, Absentee. 2015), but it wasn’t recorded until 2016. Like most of his work, the album comes from an emotion that repeats itself infinitely until it takes our conscience to an hypnotic state of mind. The different layers of filtered sound mix out and evolve inwardly, like the experiences of our existence, contributing to amazing landscapes where we can lose ourselves completely.