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HYBRID LEISURELAND | Scroll Slide – Download 16/24bit – CD (Ultimae Records)

Scroll Slide


10.00 €

High-quality download in FLAC & WAV

Product Description

Following previous tracks released on Mahiane‘s Oxycanta compilations, and a first album on Floor Limit, Japanese composer Hidetoshi Koizumi aka Hybrid Leisureland delivers a stunning ambient album titled Scroll Slide.

The artist weaves repetitive sine waveforms, fragile textures and evanescent melodies around two strong themes which are the contradiction of human existence and interpersonal communication. Scroll Slide presents his reflections in the form of micro environments, delicate yet intense. Subdued rhythms, high pitched soundscapes on the verge of Larsen effects and crafted simplicity are the keys to Hybrid Leisureland‘s unique music.

Expect a rough diamond of atmospheric electronica.

Written & produced by Hidetoshi Koizumi.
Music supervision by Mahiane.
Mastering by Huby Sea and Vincent Villuis.
Artwork by Vincent Villuis.