Lemongrass Garden Vol.2

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Lemongrass Garden Vol.2


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The Lemongrass Garden has kept on growing. Encounters between culture and nature, abstract beats and organic sounds, occident and orient result in a fascinating aesthetic sound experience. The committed gardeners Roland Voss aka Lemongrass and Daniel Voss aka Green Empathy take the multifarious offerings, throw it into their nonstop mix and create a harmonious piece of art which keeps on flourishing under an eternally blue sky.

The compilation Lemongrass Garden Vol. 2 sets new standards in the realm of imaginativeness, playfulness and versatile arrangements. Everything goes – as long as it is good to listen to. If you pay close attention you can feel the smile of the producers behind every single track. One of the biggest merits of Roland and Daniel Voss however is to continually dig new artists from all over the world (France, Italy, Japan, South Korea and U.S.A.) who enrich their unique sound universe.


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