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OFFTHESKY | Enfolding (Hidden Vibes) – CD
OFFTHESKY | Enfolding (Hidden Vibes) - CD Deluxe Edition



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Product Description

1. surrounding, enveloping.
2. to hold or clasp (someone) lovingly in one’s arms.

Recommended listening:
lying down in a comfortable area; eyes closed (or in the dark); with high quality headphones.

These songs were initially sketched with sennheiser ear buds and later mixed with mackie hr824s – you will hear the most detail with listening apparatus of that ilk (or better).

These songs were initially created for a live performance during the all night “cele :: doze” sleep concert that ocurred in denver in jan, 2017 (and later recomposed into songs winter 2018).

Some locations where field recordings that were used were gathered: The Boetecher Hall (i.e. the Denver philharmonic), Golden Gate Canyon – Golden, Colorado, & Red River Gorge in Kentucky.

Some phrases in the obeisance (songs 3 & 7) are inspired of and dedicated to the late composers Susumo Yokota and Johann Johannsson respectively – who inspired me greatly along the way.