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ORIOM | Healing Source (Klangwirkstoff Records) – CD

Healing Source


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Oriom is Rainer von Vielen’s solo project. Rainer has been working on these space trips formany years. During the time of lockdown, themoment to let a wholesome idea become an album had finally come. Each song is composed in a specific planetary tuning. The frequency of the planet’s revolution around the sun, raised in octaves to an audible range. Beats that resonate with these frequencies. That is the core of this album.

Thus, the journey begins on Mars, continues to the Platonic year of planet Earth, then flies away to Venus and takes to a terrestrial day, only to spin along the annual frequency of our home planet (432 Hz) for 28 minutes. Eventually, the album closes on the gravitational length of our sun.

Rainer has discovered the rich depths of throat singing a long time ago and found a fulfilling and moving force in this form of singing. Controlled breathing, to which he mostly found in meditation, is the source of the sound. The Healing Source. He finds the combination of archaic means of sound production and electronic soundscapes very fascinating. To him, harmonizing these worlds while resonating with the planets of our solar system is a mirror of the all-oneness.