OXYCANTA WINTER BLOOMS | Gathered by Mahiane

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VA – OXYCANTA WINTER BLOOMS | Gathered by Mahiane – Download 16bit (Ultimae Records)

OXYCANTA WINTER BLOOMS | Gathered by Mahiane


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Product Description

Second chapter of this series of compilations, Oxycanta Winter Blooms gathers crispy atmospheric electronica, deep floating techno and downtempo ambient. A bunch of delicate soundtales evoking extremes, evanescence and strength, minimalistic to multi-layered.

In 1751, Italian composer Francesco Severo Geminiani wrote “The Intention of Music is not only to please the ear, but to express Feelings, captivate the Imagination, affect the Mind and command the Passions.

Through this collection of music, Mahiane, co-manager of Ultimae, Dj and composer, softly takes the listener to such sonic realms as favourable to inner and environmental exploration.

Featuring Hybrid Leisureland, Solar Fields, Amos, Antonio Testa & Maurizio Piazza, Malik Trey, Aes Dana, Sgnl_Fltr, Subgardens, bOb tracKer, James Murray and Mahiane.

Gathered by Mahiane.
Mastered by Huby Sea and Vincent Villuis at Ginger Cross Hill studio.
Artwork by Vincent Villuis.