Vîntul Prin Salcii

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PETRE INSPIRESCU | Vîntul Prin Salcii (Mule Musiq) – CD/LP
PETRE INSPIRESCU | Vîntul Prin Salcii (Mule Musiq) - CD/LP

Vîntul Prin Salcii


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Back in 2015, Petre Inspirescu popped up on Mule Musiq with Vin Ploile, an album considered a significant departure from his previous work. While he made his name with club-ready, heavily textured takes on tech-house and minimal techno, Vin Pholie saw him work with piano, strings and woodwind instruments for the first time, resulting in a set that sat somewhere between ambient and neo-classical.

Vintul Prin Salcii, his belated follow-up, explores similar sonic territory, adding in vintage synthesizers and occasional nods to dub techno – see the becalmed pulse of “Miroslav 3” – to slightly broaden the approach. The result is a melodious sequence of musical movements that also doffs a sly wink to krautrock synthesizer pioneers as well as classical composers, American minimalists and ambient legends.