You Ware Nowhere [Remixes]

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You Ware Nowhere [Remixes]


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Hailed by fans and critics alike as the next evolution in post-millenial post-rock, Port-Royal‘s boundless, sandbox approach to the genre fuses elements of ambient techno, shoegaze, and melodic IDM, recalling at times the mid-90s output of Orbital and Aphex Twin while indebted to the guitar-driven aesthetic of genre forebears Mogwai and Sigur Ros.

You Ware Nowhere is the remix companion to Port-Royal‘s critically acclaimed album Where Are You Now featuring remixes by artist across the ambient experimental and EDM spectrum. John Tejada, The Sight Below, Arovane, Tonik Ensemble, Bvdub, Ocoeur, Ambidextrous, Northcape, To Destroy A City, Nseven and Attilio Novellino as well as two remix contest winners HatGuy and Gustaf Fjelstrom. Nearly 80 minutes of reimagined versions of tracks taken form Port-Royal‘s most recent album.