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SAMUEL ROHRER | Range Of Regularity (Arjunamusic) – CD/LP

Range Of Regularity


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Samuel Rohrer, the multi-faceted, forward-thinking percussionist and producer behind the arjunamusic label, the AMBIQ trio and a wealth of other musical projects, has set out on his own with a new full-length solo album Range of Regularity as a double EP set with a deceptive title if ever there was one: the sonic experience of this record is, in fact, a highly irregular one (and a highly welcome one at that).

Constructed almost entirely upon electronically-treated recordings of acoustic instrumentation, with a bare minimum of synthesizer voicing, RoR vibrates with a compelling organicism – as if old-growth Black Forest trees had conspired together to make an album of ultra-modern improvisational music. Indeed, the record feels limned with contributions from some ‘other’ intelligence, despite being a clear extension of the fluid, percussion-driven musical technique that Rohrer has exhibited in previous years.