Looping State of Mind

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THE FIELD Looping State Of Mind (Kompakt) CD

Looping State of Mind


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It’s with the arrival of Looping State Of Mind that you finally realise that, for The Field‘s ambient techno explorer Axel Willner, the loop never stops. What’s truly evident – as has always done with The Field‘s music – is its evocative quality, how it can stir a half-image or memory of a certain time or event in its listener’s past. To that end it makes the trio’s output an open-ended interpretation; moods and feelings are provided, allowing the listener to then follow them towards requisite personal checkpoints – something made succinct in the album’s title. “It comes from the feeling of having looping thoughts – both good and bad – in your head, and being unable to get them out,” explains Willner, “but then, of course, my music is based around loops and repetition too.” And so for The Field the loop keeps on spinning, a journey that may find no location yet is content to know that it’s moving firmly forwards. This most recent snapshot that they’ve decided to take, however, is their most captivating yet.


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