Footfalls Echo

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VISIONARY HOURS – Footwalls Echo (Hibernate Recordings)

Footfalls Echo


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Following on from various self-released albums, Footfalls Echo is the latest offering from West Yorkshire born, Krakow based artist Hayden Berry aka Visionary Hours.
Always aiming to offer something different with each release, Visionary Hours uses a wide variety of acoustic instruments to create slowly evolving ambient/modern-classical pieces, full of space and gently revealed micro melodies.Strings, guitar, vocals, flute and clarinet are all in check on Footfalls Echo. Together with Richard Formby (Spectrum, Mogwai, Dakota Suite, The Jazz Butcher), Berry combined these instruments with genuine tape delay created through a Revox B77 reel to reel tape recorder. Various other tape effects were also used to create warm swathes of sound to underpin melodic lines, with recordings of acoustic instruments being reversed or slowed down before a final mix on to high speed 4-track cassette. Analogue recording plays a very important part in the creation of this album, something that is reflected in the abstracted tape reels of the cover.


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