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music production tools

Music Production Tools by Audiomodern & Ultimae

We are launching into a new conception and distribution partnership with hi-tech audio tools developer Audiomodern. Run by Greek artist Max Million, the company offers a wide palette of effects, sample libraries, sequencers, groove generators, … dedicated to the composition and production of electronic music with a definite tendency towards[…]


Schedule Fall 2015 | Ultimae

Here we are, back from summer festivals and our relaxing holiday with many projects to release in the coming months. AES Dana & MIKTEK’s Alkaline vinyl EP got a little delayed, we’re actually receiving the new test pressing next week and are looking forward to it as you might well[…]


BYCHE, MEROVEE & F/OCAL | 27.08.15 – Terminal Club (Lyon)

To all worshipers of vinyls and other musical delights, Terminal pushes the limits of its dancefloor and invites three Lyon based DJ’s who will rock you till dawn! The warm up will masterfully operated by Byche, and followed F/ocal, Techno /House expert at Ultimae Records and Merovee, the new PAPA[…]

SONS OF MELANCHOLIA - Silencer (diametric.)

SONS OF MELANCHOLIA – Silencer (diametric.)

Belgian artist Sons of Melancholia is back with his second album Silencer on diametric. David Nizet has created another beautiful body of work, giving us another glimpse into his melancholic world; an album that fans of early 90’s electronica and ambient techno will love.  You can now discover and pre-order[…]

psy-fi festival 2015

27-30 August 2015 | PSY-FI FESTIVAL 2015 (Netherlands)

AES DANA (liveset), SOLAR FIELDS (liveset) & CARBON BASED LIFEFORMS (liveset)  will be performing at Psy-Fi Festival in Holland with artists like OTT, ATMOS, MASTER MARGHERITA, ACE VENTURA, AJJA, EGORYTHMIA, FILTERIA, GAUDI, JUNO REACTOR, MAN WITH NO NAME, PERFECT STRANGER, VIBRASPHERE, X-DREAM and many others… • Psy-Fi Festival 2015 Official[…]


Summer holiday

We’re off on our summer holiday…The shop and office are closed until 17th August 2015. No order will sent during the time, all packages will be prepared upon our return. See you soon!  

O.Z.O.R.A. Festival 2015

3-9 August 2015 | O.Z.O.R.A. FESTIVAL 2015 (Hungary)

AES DANA (liveset), MIKTEK (liveset) & NOVA (dj set) from Ultimae will be performing at O.Z.O.R.A. Festival in Hungary this Saturday 8th August 2015 with artists like GAUDI, OTT, BENJI VAUGHAN, ATATI, MASTER MARGHERITA, SIMON POSTFORD, MIRROR SYSTEM, YOUTH, INNER8, JOSKO and many others… • O.Z.O.R.A. Festival 2015 Official Website[…]