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MARTIN NONSTATIC | Ligand (Ultimae) – CD / Digital / Vinyl

We are thrilled to announce the release of Martin Nonstatic’s « Ligand » album today.
Available now on CD and all digital formats from Ultimae and December 14th on vinyl and digital from all mainstream platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Beatport and co.

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We thank you for your stimulating support and wish you all well.
The ultimae team

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DEEPCHORD | Auratones (Soma Quality Recordings)

DEEPCHORD | Auratones (Soma Quality Recordings)

A foray into deep, organic, cinematic dance music. Subterranean bass, intercepted alien transmissions, and stripped down dance-beats meld with sheets of sounds that roll over the listener like waves lapping up on the shore. Shimmering, watery, brain hemisphere synchronization tones caress and melt stress away. Dance floor friendly tracks that work equally well in one s private listening space. Immersive music with a distinctive aquatic quality.
Inspired by Detroit & Berlin s dance genres, but tempered by more ambience / atmosphere than one would expect from those genres. Music without harshness or rough edges. Fuzzy, out-of-focus, soft-sounds that slip in and out of the listener’s consciousness. Uniquely melds current dance rhythms with lushness and spirituality. Synesthetic sounds that trigger sensory experiences in cognitive pathways other than hearing smells of perfumes, thoughts of colours, and altered perception of time and space.

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JOACHIM SPIETH | Irradiance (Affin LTD) | Ultimae Record Shop

JOACHIM SPIETH | Irradiance (Affin)

Irradiance is Joachim Spieth’s first full length album, to be released on his own imprint Affin. It reflects a cycle of realignment in a carefully realized emotional journey. A constant motion through the layers of the tracks shape the sonic landscape, while evolving atmospheres provide a cohesive feel with shimmers of optimism.
The album release coincides with Affin’s 10th anniversary.

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THEME | Passages (Samurai Music) - 2xLP - Ultimae Record Shop

THEME | Passages (Samurai Music) – 2xLP

With a sum total of 2 12’s released for Samurai Horo and Red Seal, Theme has a sparse but vital discography. Fusing Dub Techno, Ambient and Half Time Drum and Bass, the Theme style developed as a uniquely Berlin influenced take on 170 BPM’s post autonomic developing progression.

Following a 2 year gap since the last release, the Theme debut LP ‘Passages‘ builds on this style by accentuating and extending the ambient ‘passages‘ and experimenting with beat structures to create an intricately constructed and textured journey.

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SOLLMANN & GÜRTLER | Gegen Die Zeit (Sky Walking) - LP

SOLLMANN & GÜRTLER | Gegen Die Zeit (Sky Walking) – LP

Recorded in 2015 underneath a highway bridge in Offenbach, Germany, due to stunning ROTOR concert series, the duo SOLLMANN & GÜRTLER performed an aural conversation between a ring modulated electric guitar and a variety of reed instruments, sent through a cluster of electronic filters and devices.

PHILLIP SOLLMANN, also known as EFDEMIN, currently worked on his MONOPHONIE project for VOLKSBÜHNE Berlin, RUHRTRIIIENNALE and KAMPNAGEL Hamburg including the HARRY PARTCH instruments. Further on he collaborated on a modular church organ system with KONRAD SPRENGER.

The multi instrumentalist JOHN GÜRTLER is part of the collective PARADOX PARADISE. He is mainly a film musician and composer, who won multiple awards for his scores.

SOLLMANN & GÜRTLER | Gegen Die Zeit is now available at Ultimae Record Shop

JEFF MILLS | Lost In Space EP (Axis Audiophile Series)

JEFF MILLS | Lost In Space EP (Axis Audiophile Series)

Lost In Space is an exotic music excursion into the unknown – discovering the sectors of Outer Space and encountering unexpected occurrences which is to be the objective, narrative and attraction. Like the architecture and habitation structure of a jungle, life exist and persist everywhere, but only by the degree of our 5 basic human senses.

An extraordinary musical creation by the Electronic Music and artist Jeff Mills, he conceives Lost In Space with the future of mankind’s advances in Space travel and colonizing other planets in mind. It is a reach to grasp for subjects like the “other types of time”, “the crashing of Worlds” and “the illusions we create” in our minds and what we believe to reality. Fusing Classical and Electronic music is the only way to play out a scenario of such magnitude of possibilities.

Lost In Space (EP) is available in our shop here

CONFORCE | Autonomous (Delsin Records) -  Ultimae Record Shop

CONFORCE | Autonomous (Delsin Records) – 2xLP

Dutch producer and live act Conforce is back with Autonomous, a fifth artist album and the latest in his long relationship with Delsin Records.

Conforce is Boris Bunnik, a producer who explores the deepest realms of dub, house, techno and electro under many different names. His Conforce alias is where his most club orientated material comes from and this new nine track album finds the Transcendent label boss producing dark syntheses inspired by his hometown and harbour city, Rotterdam, and its automated industries.

This is a masterfully conceptual album that really paints a vivid picture of a harbour as heard from deep down in the depths.

Autonomous (2xLP) is available in our shop here

MIZOO – Interview & DJ Set on Radio GRRIF

MIZOO – Interview & DJ Set on Radio GRRIF | October 26. – November 2. 2017

Listen to an exclusive mix & Interview of MIZOO on Swiss radio GRRIF for their “DJSet 2.0” show.
The Live broadcasts dates are the following ones :
Thursday 26 October / 18:00
Saturday 2 October / 23:00
Thusday 31 October / 11:00
Thursday 2 November / Midnight

Radio GRRIF Live Streaming (AAC)
Radio GRRIF Live Streaming (mp3 low-res)
Radio GRRIF Live Streaming (mp3 high-res)
Radio GRRIF Website

room 40

Focus: Room 40

Australian experimental label run by Lawrence English. Room40, a beacon of sound…ringing out from the deepest south. Also home to our sibling labels Someone Good and A Guide To SaintsRoom40 artists : Ben FrostNorman Westberg, Janek SchaeferMike CooperJohn ChantlerLawrence EnglishHaco, …

Their new release is Unearth by Tony Buck. The composer delivers his most accomplished solo composition. Built across several years, the record is the culmination of his approaches to percussive intensive, pulse and explorations in compositional density. The architecture of this work is framed unsurprisingly around a core of percussion but also draws heavily on Buck’s less known interests in guitar, synthesiser and field recordings. These elements coalesce, haunting one another in an evasive manner that is inexorable, creating a slow moving dialogue of extreme dynamic interchange.

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Discover Tony Buck | Unearth

SATURNE Trace Elements (Auxiliary)

SATURNE | Trace Elements (Auxiliary)

Saturne is the new project from ASC & Sam KDC. It came to life a few years back, as a non-specific genre approach to writing music. The first outing from the pair under this guise focuses on Grey Area compatible deep hypnotic techno cuts. ‘Trace Elements‘ shows the pairs intent to deliver intricate, atmospheric, genre-fusing tracks of a standard that has come to be expected for their output over the years.

Discover SATURNE Trace Elements (Auxiliary)
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Loss is the long-awaited and anticipated follow-up to Marcus Fischer’s acclaimed Monocoastal (12k1063, 2010). Fischer created Loss over several years, finding inspiration to complete it during his time at the Robert Rauschenberg Residency in Captiva, Florida, in early 2017. The album is a particularly emotional work as Fischer explored what loss means to him and how to cope with the permanence of absence. The result is decisively somber and perhaps one of the darkest, most emotional albums in the 12k catalog.

Discover MARCUS FISCHER  Loss (12K)
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CLAUDIO PRC volumi dinamici semantica records vinyl and cd

CLAUDIO PRC | Volumi Dinamici (Semantica Records)

Claudio PRC debuts with his second album called Volumi Dinamici, the title is a tribute to Luigi Russolo (1885 – 1947) known as one of the first noise music experimental producers. As suggested by the cover, the tracks featured in the album are totally into dark ambient and techno: each production seems to describe a fantasious and underground city, where a dense fog blurs all the feeble lights.

Discover CLAUDIO PRC | Volumi Dinamici (Semantica Records) –  2xLP Vinyl
Discover CLAUDIO PRC | Volumi Dinamici (Semantica Records) – CD
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It’s the 1 year anniversary for Temple Movement. For the very first time in Brighton we are delighted to introduce the one and only, AES Dana, coming to us straight from Lyon where the headquarters of one of the most prestigious record labels, Ultimae records resides.

By his side, we have Greece’s most dedicated & respected Dj & event promoter, Fishimself who will also be joining us alongside Mas Nalgan, founder of Brighton’s very own and first downtempo event, Inertia. Our resident OmNebula will be providing a unique set as always so make sure you come prepared for a proper journey into our temple.

Our event will be taking place in the old gothic church (Rialto Theatre) secretly located in the heart of Brighton (Only a 5 minute walk from Brighton Train Station).


AES Dana (Ultimae Records) [Live Set]
FISHIMSELF (The Place -Made in Athens- / Matsuri Digital Chill) [Dj Set]
Mas Nalgan (Inertia) [Dj set]
OmNebula (Twisted Frequencies / Alchemists / The Floating Dune) [Dj set]

Friday, October 13 at 10 PM5 AM UTC+01

Rialto Theatre

11 Dyke Road, BN1 3FE Brighton


RASTER-NOTON | Source Book 1 – Archiv 4 (Ultimae Record Shop)

RASTER-NOTON | Source Book 1 – Archiv 4 (Ultimae Record Shop)

The publication Source book 1 represents the beginning of a comprehensive and authorized review of the past 20 years of the label raster-noton. A short introductory preface by Olaf Bender is followed by a keynote interview conducted by berlin publicist Max Dax that provides an insight into the identity and philosophy of the label heads. The main part of this first “source book” comprises the extensive catalog of all releases and series published between 1996 and 2016.

The Source book 1 is limited to 1.000 copies. Its modular design allows to remove, exchange or add pages, which makes it possible to update the content in due time. A cardboard slipcase covers the 400-page, 3-kilo book and guarantees a safe stand in the bookshelf.

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JAMES MURRAY | Heavenly Waters (Slowcraft Records) - Out Now

JAMES MURRAY | Heavenly Waters (Slowcraft Records) – Out Now

James Murray‘s tenth solo album carefully charts all nine Heavenly Waters constellations. This delicately nuanced celestial meditation is many years in the making and confirms Murray’s unwavering commitment to original, emotionally weighted, concept rich music of equal parts subtle melody and inventive, meticulous sound design.

Presented on the artist’s own Slowcraft Records in a heavyweight printed package featuring artwork developed from a vintage star map of Eridanus. Carefully assembled in a custom hand-inked double sleeve design containing glass-mastered CD and a professionally printed insert.

Discover Heavenly Waters