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2020 wishes Ultimae Records

2020 Wishes

As we start this new cycle with our heads full of music and ideas we’d like to share our gratitude for following and supporting us for the last 20 years, each day is a dream come true, eyes wide open, and none of this would have been possible without you.
In this crazy world we live in, we wish you find joy and serenity, make new discoveries, go on fabulous adventures and spend good times with the ones you love.

With warm regards,
The Ultimae Team

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We’re off to celebrate with families and friends and will return on January 2nd.
We wish you all a fantastic holiday!

With Love,
The Ultimae Team

AES_DANA Inks Ultimae out Now

AES DANA | Inks (Ultimae) | Out Now

What better way to celebrate Ultimae’s 20th anniversary year than by releasing an album such as « Inks » by Vincent Villuis aka AES Dana. It is with delight and gratitude that we present you this new opus, fusion of genres and inspirations, wrapped in raw paper and contrasts. Available now in CD and digital format from our Ultimae stores, on January 16th from all digital platforms worldwide and in March for the double LP. Since the LP is a limited edition, we advise you have yours set aside.

We thank you for your support all over the years, for your messages, your enthusiasm, honesty in sharing emotion and passion.

With our warmest regards,
The Ultimae Team

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JAMES MURRAY & FRANCIS M GRI | Remote Redux (Ultimae) vinyl LP

JAMES MURRAY & FRANCIS M GRI | Remote Redux (Ultimae) – Vinyl Out Now

We just received the LPs for James Murray & Francis M Gri’s « Remote Redux » album, looking and sounding wonderful.
James Murray and Francis M Gri‘s Remote Redux is a delicate and original response to distance and closeness as expressed by the Japanese concept Ma, known also as negative space. It’s a place of elegant dimension where Gri‘s graceful piano motifs and bowed guitar figures are carefully framed within the free flowing surrounds of Murray‘s warm synth sequences and nuanced sound design.

With warm regards,
The Ultimae Team

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ANDY STOTT | It Should Be Us (Modern Love) - 2xLP)

ANDY STOTT | It Should Be Us (Modern Love) – 2xLP)

Andy Stott’s first release since 2016 and first EP since 2011, It Should Be Us is a double EP of slow and raw productions for the club, recorded this year and following a series of EP’s that started with Passed Me By and We Stay Together early this decade. Read More »

pop ambient 2020 kompakt

Pop Ambient 2020 (Kompakt) – CD & 2xLP + book

Pop Ambient Music is medicine against illnesses, that you don’t even suffer from. It’s giving everything, demanding nothing. Musical lotus leafs, off which the virtual wastewater of our time is rolling like the reality is dripping off the matrix. Read More »

offthesky fallow dronarivm

OFFTHESKY | Fallow (Dronarivm)

fallow definition: [verb] – to leave (land) fallow (uncultivated and un-sown for a period of time). The songs herein are an ode to the still beauty of forgotten light, the smell of dust-covered memory, and time-stained fragments of abandoned space at the edge of winters past. Read More »

TEREKKE improvisational_loops

TEREKKE | Improvisational Loops (Music From Memory)

The recording of Improvisational Loops began in 2012 during yoga classes at Body Actualized Center in NYC. In the spirit of past New Age or Minimal music, it aims to open up a space within the room giving the listener a chance to explore inward or outward. Read More »

JONAS MEYER | Konfusion (Serein)

JONAS MEYER | Konfusion (Serein)

Konfusion is the debut album by Germany’s Jonas Meyer. It is a collection of pulsing, shimmering electro-acoustic pieces. A multitude of sound sources, (including piano, percussion, synth and others I can’t identify) are treated and layered up, often underpinned by a strong pulse. Read More »

VOISKI | At The Speed Of Love (Ara) - EP

VOISKI | At The Speed Of Love (Ara)

Luc Kheradmand, under his “nom de plume” Voiski, has created a gem of a record for Ara, named At The Speed Of Love. His highly distinctive sound is distilled into 5 stunning tracks which feel both analog and futuristic. Read More »

VANESSA WAGNER | [Inland] Versions (Infiné) - EP

VANESSA WAGNER | [Inland] Versions (Infiné)

Vanessa Wagner‘s Inland is a special album for many reasons, especially since it is our 50th album (released in April 2019). To continue this quest for excellence, the remixes that accompany this release had to be as magical as the interpretations of the French pianist. Read More »

MOTIONFIELD A Clear Horizon txt recordings CD

MOTIONFIELD | A Clear Horizon (txt Recordings)

With his latest release, Petter Friberg challenges us to go beyond what we think are our limits, fully embracing a sense of flow so that both time and space are forgotten, to give us a renewed energy and joy in a more creative purpose and better quality of life.  Read More »