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LOSCIL | Submers (Kranky)

Available on vinyl for the first time, Scott Morgan‘s second Loscil full-length, Submers, took inspiration from salvaged Time Life classical music LP’s and “the indelible mystery of submarines and the deep sea.”

Composed using a custom-built Max/MSP sequencer – with no external samplers, synthesizers, or acoustic instruments involved – the limitations of the process shaped these masterful, minimal compositions. Each piece was produced as a live mix, direct to disk, with no separated tracks. Originally issued in November of 2002 on compact disc, Kranky is now making these timeless recordings available on vinyl for the first time.

Discover LOSCIL | Submers (Kranky)

NICOLAS JAAR | Nymphs (R&S Records) - 3xLP

NICOLAS JAAR | Nymphs (R&S Records) – 3xLP

Nicolas Jaar returns to his archives for 3LP collection Nymphs, released with R&S Records sub-label Apollo.

The collection brings together music from the EPs Don’t Break My Love (a.k.a Nymphs I), Nymphs II, and Nymphs III, recorded between 2011 and 2015 and released via Jaar‘s Other People label. Read More »

KRYSHE | Hauch (Serein) - CD

KRYSHE | Hauch (Serein) – CD

After the release of his album March Of The Mysterious for Serein in 2017, Kryshe (Christian Grothe) returns with Hauch – an album of eight nocturnal pieces that will ease you through the winter months ahead. Read More »

Pop Ambient 2019 VARIOUS ARTISTS (Kompakt)

POP AMBIENT 2019 (Kompakt)

Boum Boum Boum! 25 years of Kompakt. When a record label still thrives after a quarter of a century thanks to a focus of what was expected to be a short lived music phenomenon called Techno, then it stands to prove two things… Read More »

MKWAJU ENSEMBLE | Mkwaju (Limited edition)

MKWAJU ENSEMBLE | Mkwaju (Limited edition)

WRWTFWW Records is proud to announce the highly anticipated official reissue of holy grail albumMkwaju by acclaimed Japanese percussionist Midori Takada’s Mkwaju ensemble, sourced from the original masters. Read More »


INDIGO EGG | Aten (Txt Recordings)

Ishq morphs into Indigo Egg whilst evaoporating ringo star with a lazer gun in favour of miles david style drumatronics to create an album of eqyptronica and psytropic tripped beats , sounds and vortextural anomalies. A spaceship ride across Noospheric dimensions. Read More »

Ultimae Winter Sales 2019

Ultimae Winter Sales extended

We are keeping our Winter Sales on for another week, so you have until 29th January 2019 to treat yourself and your loved ones. As previously mentioned, all references are discounted, be they Ultimae releases or records from other labels.  Read More »

Shift 3 Audiomodern samples library

SHIFT 3 | Audiomodern

Following the success of Shift & Shift 2 packs, we are back with the third and final volume of the series Shift 3 bringing over 1.40 GB of content with cutting-edge loops, samples and kits fusing elements of future Electronica and Foley Sounds. Read More »


Fête des Lumières 2018 Lyon | Official videos

Ultimae had the great chance to have its artists’ music selected to illustrate the official videos of La Fête des Lumières 2018 in Lyon ; we invite you to get a feel of the beauty and magic of this year’s edition with the teasers we are sharing below. Read More »