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AES Dana | (a) period. | CD out 28th July | Ultimae records

AES Dana | (a) period. | CD out 28th July

We are experiencing delays for the delivery of AES Dana’s new album « (a) period. » which is likely to arrive early next week. We will endeavor to ship as soon as we receive the records (around 28th July). Read More »

20-25 July 2021 | NUITS SONORES 2021 | Lyon

20-25 July 2021 | NUITS SONORES 2021 | Lyon

Mahiane will be launching the Open air 3 of the Nuits Sonores hors-série festival with a special Ultimae DJ set, followed by a bunch of fine artists : Ramses, Warum B2B Neskeh, Nikky and Mambo Chick. See you at Heat! Read More »


Hail and Farewell to Arnaud Galoppe

After 10 years of fruitful collaboration and memorable adventures, Arnaud Galoppe aka Focal / Kinosura is leaving Ultimae to explore new grounds.
Let’s all wish him the very best!

With our love and infinite gratitude
Sandrine Gryson & Vincent Villuis

AES DANA (a) period. (Ultimae)

AES DANA | (a) period. (Ultimae)

We are truly delighted to to present AES Dana’s 9th album, « (a) period. » and invite you to discover is straight away on our Ultimae and Bandcamp pages. The limited CD edition is planned for 21st July at the same time as the international digital release on all platforms. The double vinyl, a limited edition as well, is expected at the end of November. You can place your pre-orders now to reserve your copy. We thank you for your hopped-up support and wish you a deep journey. Read More »


12-18 July 2021 | EGODROP FESTIVAL 2021 | Poland

Martin Nonstatic (Ultimae) will be performing 2 Live sets at the Egodrop Festival 2021 in Poland.  Egodrop Festival presents 5 days experience with over 150 Artists, 4 musical stages, workshops & lectures, campsite, flea market, food zone, kids’ zone and many, many more… Last tickets available. Read More »



Token celebrates its 100th release with Luke Slater, a legend of the genre, releasing under one of his most iconic aliases: Planetary Assault Systems. For over 25 years, Slater has delivered unparalleled quality in his music – a formative figure in Techno and instrumental in defining the sound globally, few can touch the Brit for depth, urgency and hit rate. Read More »

HEAVENCHORD | O Theos Einai Agapi (Greyscale) - CD

HEAVENCHORD | O Theos Einai Agapi (Greyscale)

Greyscale is set to release it’s 18th full length cd and this is by one of the busiest and most well-respected newer stars in the scene, Heavenchord. O Theos Einai Agapi is 9 tracks deep of some of the most floaty and serene tracks in our discography. Read More »

STEEVIO | Acatalepsy (FireScope) - EP

STEEVIO | Acatalepsy (FireScope)

Steevio is perhaps one of the most influential electronic artists you’ve never come across. With more than forty years of knob-twiddling experience, this modular magician boasts enough cable to bring you to the moon and back. Away from the blinking racks, Steevio runs music festivals, like Freerotation, manages record labels and generally paves the way. Now this pioneer and Firescope are teaming up for a very special EP. Read More »

OLORUN | WHS 02 (Whispering Signals ) - EP

OLORUN | WHS 02 (Whispering Signals )

Sit tight, keep an open mind, let the balm of music surround you.
You are one of the multitude, in a collective listening act. The nocturnal cicadas will guide your steps into Olorun’s enchanted world. Read More »

HUERCO S. | For Those Of You Who Have Never ... (Proibito) - 2xLP

HUERCO S. | For Those Of You Who Have Never … (Proibito)

Nine of the densest ambient and meditative music pieces since the dawn of music!! Sounds both extremely of this time, and of no time whatsoever. Monolithic and stark but extremely warm, intensely personal, and for every one in every which way. We are very happy to present to you For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have), an album by Huerco S. Read More »

MASAYOSHI FUJITA | Bird Ambience (Erased Tapes Records )

MASAYOSHI FUJITA | Bird Ambience (Erased Tapes Records )

Bird Ambience brings several fresh changes for the artist. Until now, Fujita would separate his acoustic solo recordings, the electronic dub made under his El Fog alias, and his experimental improvisations with contemporaries such as Jan Jelinek. The new album sees him unite all these different facets for the first time into one singular vision. Read More »

Lāsya Virtual Festival

Lāsya Virtual Festival | Friday 11th June at 5am PDT / 2pm CET. on

Welcome to  the Lāsya Virtual Festival which presents performances by 11 artists (lives & DJ sets) from all around the globe for 13 hours non-stop of Ambient and Deep Techno. The event will be streamed on the online media (please find below all the useful links). Meeting Point is Friday 11th June at 5am PDT / 2pm CET. 

AES Dana (Live)
Arkean (Hybrid/Live)
Birds Ov Paradise (Live)
Cinnamint (Live)
Dash (DJ)
Eric Cloutier (DJ)
Klara (DJ)
Knower (DJ)
Mental (DJ)
Unjin (DJ)
Zemög (Live)

The term Lāsya, in the context of Hindu mythology, describes the dance performed by Goddess Parvati as it expresses love, care, happiness and is filled with grace and beauty. The Lāsya was the second phase of creation, in response to Shiva’s Tandava dance that gave birth to the Universe. It combined to form the triad, “laya”, “pralaya” & “shunya” – the cyclic motion of things from resonance to dissolution, from stillness to movement, from sound to silence, and such represents the dialectical “being-nonbeing-becoming”. In a literal sense, Lāsya means softer, it is the divine feminine nature in all of us which manifests as beauty, happiness, enchanting, and grace.
We may be silenced by law, but our nature is movement. ~ We are joining together on this dance, 11 by number, for a 13h of exclusive live stream takeover on

Lāsya Virtual Festival Facebook
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MIKTEK | Hereafter (Ultimae) | CD Out Now

MIKTEK | Hereafter (Ultimae) | CD Out Now

While AES Dana and MIKTEK are playing alchemists in the studio for a sequel to their first opus “Far & Off“, we decided to surprise you with an instant release… Many of you emailed and called asking for something they could hold and touch, here it is then… MIKTEK’s « Hereafter » on CD Digipack 3 panels. A limited edition of 250 records ready to be sent with all our love.

With many thanks for your enthusiasm and support,
The Ultimae Team

Get MIKTEK | Hereafter (CD + digital download) on Ultimae Store
Get MIKTEK | Hereafter (CD + digital download) on Ultimae Bandcamp


Zadig ‎| Space Time (Sotor Records) - EP

Zadig ‎| Space Time (Sotor Records) – EP

Following 6 years of Techno activism in Marseille and Casablanca, the French Morrocan Paradox project is moving a step forward with the launch of their new Moroccan label Sotor. Meaning “lines” in the arabic language, Sotor shows here its interest in the various shades of Techno. Read More »

CHORDJAM | The Ultimate Chord Machine (Audiomodern)

CHORDJAM | The Ultimate Chord Machine (Audiomodern) | Sales until 14th June 2021

Introducing Chordjam. An innovative plugin that builds chords and progression patterns through intuitive user-guided randomisation.

Choose from a variety of scale types, Chord types, voicing parameters, rhythms and progressions or have its powerful sequencer conjure up unlimited progression patterns for you, based on any combination of settings, serving up unpredictable but always-musical variations. Create unique and complex chord structures and infinitely evolving progressions. Read More »