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VAKULA | In Search Of Ancient Civilization (Arma)

VAKULA | In Search Of Ancient Civilization (Arma)

Vakula, a versatile Ukrainian producer and a long-term Arma contributor, drops a new album on the label. In Search of Ancient Civilization is an contemporary electronic work at its finest, although the tools used to shape its sound are linked to a folk tradition. Read More »

NILS FRAHM Empty (Erased Tapes) | Ultimae Record Store

NILS FRAHM | Empty (Erased Tapes)

To mark this year’s Piano Day and as an acknowledgement to these unprecedented circumstances we find ourselves in, Nils Frahm surprised the world with a collection of eight solo piano pieces, titled Empty. The highly anticipated physical editions on vinyl and CD are now available. Read More »

download MIKTEK Hereafter Ultimae

MIKTEK | Hereafter (Ultimae) – Out Now

Ultimae proudly presents “Hereafter“, a digital collection of past and present works by Mihalis Aikaterinis aka MIKTEK to which the Greek composer desired to give a second breath and offer a new dive into his deep musical world.  During the troubled times we’re experimenting, “Hereafter” resonates with a touching singularity. Read More »

KANGDING RAY | 61 Mirrors / Music For SKALAR (Ara) - 2xLP

KANGDING RAY | 61 Mirrors / Music For SKALAR (Ara) – 2xLP

SKALAR is a large-scale art installation that explores the complex impact of light and sound on human perception. Created by light artist Christopher Bauder and musician Kangding Ray, this monumental artwork is a reflection on the fundamental nature and essence of human emotions. Read More »

ACID PAULI | MOD (Ouïe) - 2xLP

ACID PAULI | MOD (Ouïe) – 2xLP

With his latest album, MOD, Gretschmann goes in a tangential direction, drawing inspiration from modular synthesis and the scene that has flourished around it over the last years. Read More »

YUI ONODERA | Ray (Serein) - CD

YUI ONODERA | Ray (Serein)

Ray by Yui Onodera is a lithe album of glittering electro-acoustic music which blends impeccable sound design and processing with acoustic instrumentation. Read More »

A message to our DISCOGS customers

A message to our DISCOGS customers

To comply with the new Discogs shipping policy we are taking all our stock offline temporarily and will slowly make records available again the new way…

In the meantime, you can find the entire catalogue on our website : Read More »