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ADRIANA LOPEZ | Embera (Stroboscopic Artefacts)

A staple of South America’s ever-effervescing techno community, Colombian-born producer Adriana Lopez sure ain’t no stranger to the aficionados of wild four-to-the-floor epics, having delivered the totality of her typical, custom cut bunker-busters on Developer’s Modularz and her own imprint, Grey Report, in about a decade of intense dancefloor activism. Read More »

SIBLING & HEAVENCHORD | Sounds Of Silence (Greyscale)

SIBLING & HEAVENCHORD | Sounds Of Silence (Greyscale)

Breathtaking melodies, well-defined bass notes and shape-shifting chords of perfection. The sounds are focused, polished and fluctuate throughout the programs in different and unique ways. Volumes dim and flicker while others subliminally and organically carry messages. A great balance of technical creation and mood building runs a theme here. Read More »

LIGHTS FLUORESCENT The Oldest Sons Of The Oldest Sons vinyl album

LIGHTS FLUORESCENT | The Oldest Sons Of The Oldest Sons

Made up of Dave Harrington (Darkside/Dave Harrington Group) and Benjamin Jay (NDF/Benoit & Sergio), Lights Fluorescent is, as the two describe it, an ‘experiment in the spaces between song and texture, idea and reference, past and present.’ On their debut album, The Oldest Sons Of The Oldest Sons, the duo develops an atmospheric, slant-pop sensibility that lists toward the experimental tendencies of improvisational and ambient music. Read More »

Cosmic Connexion Showcase Ultimae Record Shop Lyon

Cosmic Connexion Showcase | February 15

Nous avons le plaisir d’accueillir Cosmic Connexion, émission ambient / expérimentale Montpellieraine diffusée depuis 3 ans sur les cyber ondes de Radio Pinata. A partir de 15h à Ultimae Record Shop / 6 rue Emile Zola – Lyon 2 . LINE-UP: Nika (dj set) / Întuneric (dj set) / Shōen 荘園 (dj set) Read More »

Squarepusher Be up a hello warp records cd

SQUAREPUSHER | Be Up A Hello (Warp)

Having spent the past few years focussing on his group Shobaleader OneThomas Jenkinson returns to the fray under his much-loved Squarepusher guise with Be Up A HelloJenkinson’s first LP by that name since 2015’s Damogen Furies. Read More »

ENNONY dj set – Ultimae | Showcase #002

ENNONY dj set – Ultimae | Showcase #002

We continue our series of mixes recorded during our showcases at Ultimae Record Shop, Lyon, France. This new chapter invites Ennony for a delicious atmospheric Ambient & Dub Techno set.

LOSCIL Equivalents (Kranky) - discover & buy on Ultimae Record Store

LOSCIL | Equivalents (Kranky)

Canadian composer Scott Morgan‘s 12th long-player as Loscil takes its title from an influential series of early 20th century photographs by Alfred Stieglitz, abstracting clouds into miasmic, painterly canvases of smoke and shadowplay. Read More »

listen to FOCAL dj set - Ultimae | Showcase #001

FOCAL dj set – Ultimae | Showcase #001

We start a series of mixes recorded during our showcases at Ultimae Record Shop, Lyon, France. To get the ball rolling, we are happy to share with you an Ambient mix by the talented Focal. Enjoy!

VARIOUS ARTISTS X – Ten Years Of Artefacts

X – Ten Years Of Artefacts ( Stroboscopic Artefacts)

X – Ten Years Of ArtefactsMortellaro features solo as Lucy, in collaboration with Rrose as Lotus Eater and together with Speedy J as Zeitgeber. (Rrose also appears alone with The Myth of Purity). ShiftedEfdeminL.B. Dub Corp (Luke Slater), James Ruskin, Denise RabeAdriana LopezChevelAlessandro Adriani and Serena Butler each feature, representing a group of singular artists whose relationships with the label range from years to months. Read More »

2020 wishes Ultimae Records

2020 Wishes

As we start this new cycle with our heads full of music and ideas we’d like to share our gratitude for following and supporting us for the last 20 years, each day is a dream come true, eyes wide open, and none of this would have been possible without you. Read More »

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We’re off to celebrate with families and friends and will return on January 2nd.
We wish you all a fantastic holiday!

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ANDY STOTT | It Should Be Us (Modern Love) - 2xLP)

ANDY STOTT | It Should Be Us (Modern Love) – 2xLP)

Andy Stott’s first release since 2016 and first EP since 2011, It Should Be Us is a double EP of slow and raw productions for the club, recorded this year and following a series of EP’s that started with Passed Me By and We Stay Together early this decade. Read More »

pop ambient 2020 kompakt

Pop Ambient 2020 (Kompakt) – CD & 2xLP + book

Pop Ambient Music is medicine against illnesses, that you don’t even suffer from. It’s giving everything, demanding nothing. Musical lotus leafs, off which the virtual wastewater of our time is rolling like the reality is dripping off the matrix. Read More »