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MAX WÜRDEN | Format (A Strangely Isolated Place) - 2xLP

MAX WÜRDEN | Format (A Strangely Isolated Place)

Format draws from its Latin origin: “formatus”, meaning “to be formed”. Over two years, Germany’s Max Würden produced a variety of tracks using completely different approaches. It wasn’t until they were placed together in unison that the strengths from the variety of productions came together. Read More »


MASTER MARGHERITA | Border 50 (2xLP) – Out Today

Explore imaginary & far away grounds, between no man’s lands and intangible panoramas… when frontiers and delineations dissipate to a wilder breadth, where, as Baudelaire would say, “Everything is beauty, luxury, calm and intense pleasure”. Read More »

TOKI FUKO | Spring Ray (Silent Season)

TOKI FUKO | Spring Ray (Silent Season)

Toki Fuko has quietly slipped out some high-grade ambient electronics over the past 10 years, but this 2xLP drop on the ever excellent Silent Season represents some his most striking work to date. Read More »

VANESSA WAGNER | Inland (Infiné) - CD

VANESSA WAGNER | Inland (Infiné)

Inland is the pianist’s continuation of the exploration of the minimalist composers register to complete the solo continuum of Statea released in 2016 with the Mexican producer Murcof. Read More »

NAHAL RECORDINGS | Vinyls available

NAHAL RECORDINGS | Vinyls available

Nahal Recordings is a French label curated by producer Paul Régimbeau (Mondkopf) and multi-instrumentalist / photographer Frédéric D. Oberland (Oiseaux-Tempête). We invite you to discover their latest releases available on vinyl. Read More »

Tangent Approaching Complexity (n5MD)

TANGENT Approaching Complexity (n5MD) | Vinyl available

Approaching Complexity is the 4th album from Dutch ambient-beats duo Tangent“At almost an hour in length Tangent’s new album is their most complete sonically, never straying from its core essence. A quality release that in its nature is both bound to existence and is otherworldly in its simplistic beauty.”
– Will Andahazy (Igloomag) Read More »