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Ultimae Summer Sales 2023

Ultimae Summer Sales 2023

Panoramic Greetings !

From today until August 6, 2023 we’re holding our flash summer sales with a 20% discount on absolutely everything and that includes our notorious packs ! You can use code summer20 in both our store and Bandcamp to benefit from this offer ; by the way, Bandcamp is doing it’s special Friday again tomorrow.
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AES DANA Inks Smokey Limited Edition vinyl official

AES DANA | Inks Smokey Edition Vinyl released

Greetings! Inks second repress is officially released, AES Dana’s acclaimed album is available again in a sleek and sheer, streaked with shades of black, very limited edition of 300 copies. Reservations continue… The new CD and Inks pack will be available on August 3, 2023
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Boom Festival 2023 - Christian Samsara

Christian Samsara | Boom Festival 2023

Christian Samsara (Ultimae Records) will be gracing The Gardens Stage at Boom Festival 2023 (Portugal) on the 26th of July, with a mesmerizing three-hour Ambient / Downtempo / Deep Techno set from 3 to 6 am. Mark your calendars and see you there!
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Ultimae Store is back

After a few days of maintenance, the Ultimae store is repaired. Thanks to our beta testers for helping us put everything back in order.


Ultimae Store maintenance

The Ultimae website is getting a revamp this summer, at the moment it’s a little unpredictable so we prefer you visit our (for Ultimae releases) and Discogs (for other labels & artists) for your purchases  in the meantime or contact us directly by email: . Thanks for your understanding :)

AES DANA Inks Smokey Limited Edition

AES DANA | Inks – Smokey Limited Edition Reservations

Panoramic Greetings! Today around the world, the Summer Solstice and Music get celebrated in all its genres and forms.
At Ultimae we also mark the limited edition release of AES Dana’s Inks album, a sleek smokey print for which preorders start now.
Official release this coming July, 21.
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MARTIN NONSTATIC Pulsatille Ultimae Out Now official news

MARTIN NONSTATIC | Pulsatille – Digital Out Now & CD Reservation

Panoramic Greetings! We’re absolutely thrilled to unveil Martin Nonstatic‘s brand new album “Pulsatille” and announce pre-orders open today for the CD, with a release late June at the same time as the digital release on all mainstream platforms. However, digital versions on Ultimae and Bandcamp are available right now ! The double LP is planned for late summer. Take a break to have a listen and share the passion! 
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Christian Samsara | Early Hours

Ultimae’s Danish DJ Christian Samsara created a subtle mix of ambient idm and downtempo which evokes the fragile awakening moments; it features H.U.V.A. Network, Ocoeur, Cell, AES Dana, Miktek, Martin Nonstatic (with an unreleased track from his next album), Eskostatic, Field Rotation, James Murray & Francis M Gri. We wish you an excellent journey!

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Good news! We just sent Martin Nonstatic ‘s upcoming album « Pulsatille » to the manufactures (CD & 2xLP). Pre-orders start soon…


Good news! We just sent MARTIN NONSTATIC ‘s upcoming album « Pulsatille » to the manufactures (CD & 2xLP). Pre-orders will start soon…

Christian Samsara Remembering dj set-

Christian Samsara | Remembering

Christian Samsara brings us a delicate hymn to melancholia with this dj mix fusing modern classical and ambient moods. Featuring talented artists such as Offthesky, Stray Theories, Field Rotation, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Pleq & Giulio Aldinucci, The Frozen Vault, Ghost and Tapes, Antendex, Field Rotation, Marsen Jules Trio ft. Roger Döring, Jacaszek, Antonymes & Christoph Berg. Enjoy and share!
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Bandcamp Friday Easter 2023 Ultimae

Bandcamp Friday | April 7, 2023 & a surprise

The Easter Bunny is bringing good news! One you surely know about, it’s Bandcamp Friday! The other will surprise you… the vinyl factory just sent us 20 white limited edition of Cell’s Onwards System album. First come first served!
With our warmest regards,
The Ultimae Team
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