AES DANA feat. MIKTEK | Far & Off (Remastered) – Preorders

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AES DANA feat. MIKTEK | Far & Off (Remastered) – Preorders

Far & Off, a collaborative creation by Vincent Villuis and Mihalis Aikaterinis, known as AES DANA and MIKTEK, has been fully rethought – remastered and graphically redesigned. Originally conceived from the essence of three EPs – Cut. | Alkaline | The Unexpected Hours – this album represents a poignant journey born from a period of extended detachment and isolation.

We are proud to present it all formats, CD digipack, vinyl and digital.
For vinyl enthusiasts, we offer two editions: the timeless classic black and a translucent version.

Available for pre-order now, the CD, Double LP vinyls, and the Far & Off Pack will officially launch on June 7, 2024. During this period, use the code “cut10” to enjoy an immediate 10% discount on your purchase until May 31, 2024.

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