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Focus On Daniel Dexter (Poker Flat Recordings) – CD

Focus On Daniel Dexter


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Daniel Dexter‘s contributions to the renowned Poker Flat imprint have not gone by unnoticed. The Berlin-based artist has released a series of high profile house releases over the past few years, which has resulted in a solid reputation as a crowd favorite to many. This third edition in the Focus On… series follows up earlier editions by Guido Schneider and Argy, and sees Daniel delivering 13 tracks (11 solo productions + 2 remixes) in the form of a continuous mix. Featuring both career highlights and soon-to-be-released material, the compilation is a spot-on snapshot of Daniel‘s distinctive house and techno sound.

As a whole, the mix moves gently from dynamic minimal house to chunky uptempo material, bathing in warm grooves, emotive melodies, roaring basslines and dubby percussion bits. The compilation is as balanced as any decent full artist album, gently hovering between shady atmospherics and full-on basement jackers, with Dexter laying down his signature sound in every track. Standout tracks include the aforementioned Night Away and Murder, while the trippy Papillon and Why So Serious (check out the massive 80s-style synth pulses on this one) are perfect runner-ups. Any weak moments too? Hardly. This release is as solid as they come, so they?re not worth mentioning anyway.

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