Il Ricordo Improvviso Dell’Assoluto Stupore

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ORSI | Il Ricordo Improvviso Dell’Assoluto Stupore (Backwards)
ORSI | Il Ricordo Improvviso Dell'Assoluto Stupore (Backwards)

Il Ricordo Improvviso Dell’Assoluto Stupore


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1 vinyl 12″ Picture Disc Single-Sided
1 photographic BOOK with 220 pages released in hardbound cover
1 insert
1 postcard

The first Fabio Orsi Book of photography! Comes with a one-sided Picture Disc vinyl with one long exclusive track. The vinyl has a long track that is a sort of “summa” of Fabio Orsi musical world: like his early releases, Il Ricordo Improvviso Dell’Assoluto Stupore is deep drone ambient track, with distant guitars and a nostalgic touch. Hypnotic and melodic at the same time… Perfect complement and completion to his photos.

“Taking in the 104 images, I begin to hear an urban beat resounding in my head. No words necessary and his images are full of description. I put tempo to the visual lyrics and come away with a sensory impression of the places described by Orsi’s well-traveled camera. Orsi’s genius is to create images that write their own melody. I see his pictures and hear his music.”
Larry C. Price, photojournalist. Ohio, USA (Pulitzer Prize for Spot News Photography, 1981 | Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography, 1985)

II Ricordo Improvviso dell’Assoluto Stupore, talented and prolific musician Fabio Orsi’s debut work as photographer, what deeply affects and undeniably touches me – for it elevates photographic language to the status of poetry – is the attention he pays to human being, caught in its ontological viscerality. Looking at most of these images, it becomes evident that his primary interest is for physical bodies, people of all sorts who “permeate” reality. I perceived this presence the very same way exactly a decade ago, when I was trapped in the grooves of a vinyl record entitled “Osci”, his debut LP, in which sound textures were interwined with field recordings of arcane voices from his own native town, Taranto – a place hidden in the deep heart of Southern Italy which soon became too limiting for the artistic exuberance of Orsi, who later moved to Berlin.”
Roberto Opalio / My Cat Is An Alien