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  • Date: 22 - Aug - 2017
  • Time:
  • Location: Italy
  • Venue: Human Evolution Festival 2017
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Like in every edition, the goal of the Human Evolution Festival is to be a platform for free artistic, social, physical and intellectual evolution.
Every year we always wanted to send a simple but fundamental message: the growth of an individual depends on the experiential context he or she lives. Besides the information passed by the genetic code from one generation to the other, our evolution depends on our experiences, hence on the people, social structures and artistic forms we meet in our path. Some of these experiences, being natural, are necessary; others depend, instead, from our choices and from the choices of the community we live in.

Human Evolution Festivals therefore provides to its participants a free artistic, aestethic and social experience, and an opportunity for radical self-expression, without conceit nor the pretension to channel anyone in any preconception, trend or belief. This year we will give artists the opportunity of creating installations directly on place, by providing them a vast array of materials: our doors are open to anyone who wants to let his or her creativity blossom. Of course we also keep trying to improve the services we offer, and to put more and more care on the ecological issues: we are happy to announce that from this edition Human Evolution Festival will be the first festival worlwide to be entirely fueled by aeolic power.

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