Scories / Live at Les Transnumériques

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VA | Scories / Live at Les Transnumériques (Sub Rosa) – CD

Scories / Live at Les Transnumériques


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Luminous electro-contempo collaboration between New York master DJ Gregor Asch (aka DJ Olive) vs Jean-Paul Dessy (and his Musiques Nouvelles Ensemble) and David Núñez at violin.

A new musical travelogue mixing sensitive strings with the records and sounds subtly sculptured by Gregor Asch taking audience into their whirling love. Some magical moments vanish after the fact, but the thrill of listening to this untouched recording a few years later confirms that its delights are constantly renewed.

DJ Olive is an American disc jockey and turntablist. He is known for producing music generally in the electronic genre, with strong influences of dub, and free improvisation styles. He is widely credited with coining of the term ‘Illbient’ in 1994. He was a founding member of the immersionist group Lalalandia Entertainment Research Corporation in 1991. DJ Olive was a member of We, Lunchbox and Liminal. He has also collaborated with Kim Gordon, Ikue Mori, William Hooker, Zeena Parkins, Uri Caine, Medeski Martin & Wood, Dave Douglas, and various others.