SHOWCASE | Maths DX & AES Dana

Ultimae records

SHOWCASE | Maths DX & AES Dana

  • Date: 07 - Dec - 2016
  • Time: 17:00
  • Location: Rue Mazard, 69002 Lyon, France
  • Venue: Ultimae Record Shop
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We are ever so happy to announce this special night to you.
Maths DX & AES Dana performing in our Record Shop in the heart of Lyon at the time of the towns’s Illuminations.

Let us introduce you to Maths; he has been exploring the atmospheric chillout and ambient techno genres for more than a decade.
Having started China’s first independent digital music store which gave voice to non-mainstream artists and also ambient techno labels like the highly respected Ultimae records, he has also been DJ’ing his brand of music, setting the opening soundtrack for late night parties and afterhours sets.
Mixing textures of floating aural atmospheres and subtle beats, Maths DX creates an immersive ambient-electronic realm spanning the classics ala Brian Eno to the acid/ ambient sounds of Carbon Based Lifeforms.
From majestic encounters with little fluffy clouds in a blue room emanating from a huge ever-growing pulsating brain that rules from the centre of the ultraworld to the supernova at the end of the universe into the fourth dimension, journey back to earth for perpetual dawns and infinite sunrises with Maths DX in a haze of energized somnambulance.

As usual this event is free and we welcome your generosity!


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