FLUXION | Ripple Effect (Vibrant Music) – CD/2xLP

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FLUXION | Ripple Effect (Vibrant Music) - CD/2xLP

FLUXION | Ripple Effect (Vibrant Music) – CD/2xLP

Fluxion‘s Ripple Effect is the film score for a non-existing motion picture. This 9-track album is the result of experimentation and the combination of the producer’s two most cherished art forms: electronic music and score music.

The album’s production took two years from its original conception for the subliminal story to unfold into the completed product. Fluxion wanted to say as much as possible through the music, leaving the visuals as a blank canvas for the listener to create their own story. In the end, the goal is to give each member of the audience a unique audiovisual experience based on their own perception and interpretation.

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