FLUXION | Vibrant Forms III (Subwax Bcn)

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fluxion vibrant forms III CD

FLUXION | Vibrant Forms III (Subwax Bcn)

Konstantinos Soublis and Subwax Bcn have decided to pick up the banner and release Vibrant Forms III as a CD as well as four individual 12” records under 2016.

It contains everything you could hope for and more: The massive, booming basses, the clicks and hisses, the atmospheric thunderstorms, the opium smoke-scented streaks of reverb and dub echoes. The warmth. Yes, above all else the warmth: Sometimes moist and dripping as in Safe Harbour, sometimes blisteringly dry as in Variant. It’s no easy task, giving cold, dead machines warm breaths. And no-one quite does it like Fluxion.

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