Season 5

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Season 5


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Product Description

“This in-between season, the one which does not exist but can at times be perceived. It could be the indian Summer or the beginning of Spring, something contrasted and filled with unusual lights.”

This fifth climatic season is the basis of the album conception. Tracks were created in times of pause and transit periods. Season 5 is a series of small tales made of samples and waves, charged with the energy of deep bass and tribal beats. A fluid downtempo wave building into morning trance.

Essentially composed by Vincent Villuis (former member of Asura) with several artists’ participation : Mahiane, Pascale Auffret and Sir John. These encounters enabled the birth of an ambient sound standing at the crossroad of several influences. The “Trip Hop Mermaid” Pascale Auffret (Cox 6, Hum drum Drama, Mister O) laid down her unique ethereal and vibrant voice on 4 tracks. Sir John worked on vocal sound recording. Mahiane influenced all tracks and built the progressive trance aspects in Season 5 and Gatewick. The final touch being an excellent sound mastering by Huby Sea (Cassandra Complex, Psyche, MDMA, Sisters Of Mercy,…).

First release date : 24 December 2002
Written & produced by Vincent Villuis.
Artwork by Vincent Villuis.
Remastered by Vincent Villuis | Ultimae Studio (Lyon – 2015)