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AES DANA | Leylines – Download 16/24bit (Ultimae Records)



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High-quality download in FLAC & WAV

Product Description

French composer Vincent Villuis aka AES Dana, known for his participation to the H.U.V.A. Network band and co-manager of Ultimae Records, signs here his 4th ambient downtempo album and presents 10 immersive tracks of luminous darkness.

“For those who believe in them, Leylines are invisible lines of forces that connect centers of geomagnetic power to one another.”

Throughout the album, the artist builds upon the concept of connections that exist between various musical genres and influences, interlinks between the elements surrounding us, the feelings of life. Sound becomes organic matter, clay. Tapped, scraped, plucked, stretched, it transforms into rich rhythms, spatial acoustics, sustained harmonics, hypnotic morphing pads and profound basslines. The outcome is a granular journey of complex delicacy, fragmented and yet fluid.

First release date : 03 June 2009
Written & produced by Vincent Villuis.
Artwork by Vincent Villuis.
Remastered by Vincent Villuis | Ultimae Studio.