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DINO SABATINI | Omonimo (Outis Music) – CD/Vinyl



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As both a producer and the helmsman of the Outis Music label, Dino Sabatini has carved out a distinctive musical style that shows a great reverence for both ancient archetypes and future possibilities for change (see, for example, his Mnemosyne’ co-release with Edit Select, in which each track is dedicated to a separate Greek goddess).

With one foot planted in a mysterious past and the other foot planted in a world yet to arrive, Sabatini‘s works are carefully realized emotional journeys that intertwine shimmers of optimism with undercurrents of poignancy or nostalgia. His latest full-length offering, Omonimo (that’s homonym’ for non-speakers of Italian), brings all of this to fruition on a record that demands (and rewards) deep listening.


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