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Depth Charge – Various Artists (Interchill) – CD

Depth Charge


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Depth Charge is the latest compilation from Interchill. Compiled by Andrew and Naasko, the selection travels through a wide variety of mid tempo bass music and reflects elements of the festival culture we’ve seen evolve out here in BC, Canada.

There are tracks from Interchill favourites like Hibernation, Liquid Stranger, Spiral System and Legion of Green Men log(m). There are also a number of artists that appear on Interchill for the first time which round out the track list with a forward thinking and ultra fresh sound. Kryptic Minds, Ruckspin, Submotion Orchestra, Daega Sound, Bakir, Kaminanda, Occult, Venture, Maus & RootsInSession all make their debut on Interchill and bring their low-end stylistic influences to the plate.

Rather than take a honed-in approach with Depth Charge, we’ve widened our horizons and mixed up boundaries and genres including breaks, downtempo, 2step, dubtech, future roots and the deeper side of dubstep. The result is a synthesis of depth and energy, sparseness and detail, favouring contrast over sameness – all tied together by bass.

Mastering by Vincent VilluisUltimae Studio


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