DIGISEEDS | Compiled by Ambientium

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DIGISEEDS | Compiled by Ambientium (Ultimae) – CD
DIGISEEDS | Compiled by Ambientium (Ultimae) - CDDIGISEEDS | Compiled by Ambientium (Ultimae) - CDDIGISEEDS | Compiled by Ambientium (Ultimae) - CD

DIGISEEDS | Compiled by Ambientium


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Product Description

DIGISEEDS is the first chapter in a series of Ultimae compilations conceptualized by Czech artist Lubos Cvrk aka Ambientium. As an electronic music stakhanovite, Lubos brought together composers from all around the world to create a story which slowly enwraps the listener in a soft and eerie ambient reverie.

From minimal acoustic patterns melting into intense pads, ethereal dub lines blending with glitch, gentle electronica and a certain neo-classical aesthetics, DIGISEEDS paints new grounds and plays with textures to achieve a soothing and swirling dive in experience for the listener.

Ambientium, in this first chapter, offers an emotive and exclusive mixed selection of 12 tracks from the composers Lars Leonhard (Germany), Martin Nonstatic (Austria) and One Arc Degree (Greece), known to the Ultimae realms, and plants new seeds with the participation of composers such as Ocoeur (France), Mandrax (Tasmania), Cloower Wooma (Russia), State Azure (UK), Jani R (Finland), Synapsia (UK) and himself (Czech Replublic).

Compiled and mixed by Ambientium at Digital Straw Studio.
Mastered by Vincent Villuis at Ultimae Studio.