PASSAGES | Framed by Nova

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VA – Passages | Framed by Nova – Download 16/24bit – CD (Ultimae Records)

PASSAGES | Framed by Nova


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Product Description

Passages is the third compilation by London based DJ, promoter and music journalist Massimo Terranova aka Nova. Following in the footsteps of his previous releases, Albedo in 2005 and Imaginary Friends in 2009, Nova presents a brand new mix of emo-ambient and electronica to evoke today’s dichotomy in relationships and rites of passage.

Gathering emerging artists and seasoned talents in the realms of pulsating minimal dubs, atmospherica, and downtempo, Passages offers a rich palette of serial music and soundscapes depicting the London’s urban skyline and a life of mono/poly-chromatic contrasts.

Nova delivers an elegant musical story wrapped in Italian art & fashion photographer Giovanni Calemma’s modish black and white illustrations and featuring James Murray, Fingers in the Noise, Cygna, Brando Lupi, Miktek, Murya, Martin Nonstatic, Lars Leonhard, AES Dana, Connect.Ohm, Max Million and Zinovia.

All songs framed by Nova.
Artwork design and mastering by Vincent Villuis | Ultimae Studio.